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“The Cobblestone Corridor ” is a new half-hour mystery from Connecticut filmmaker Erik Bloomquist, shot at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford.

Allan Archer (Bloomquist), the editor-in-chief of the newspaper club at Alfred Pierce Preparatory School, has taken on the biggest case of his academic career: investigating the suspicious termination of English department chairman Dr. Peter Carroll. With the help of an eager young reporter (Alec Richards) and a mysterious coed (Madeleine Dauer), will he be able to crack the case?

“We are very pleased to present the television broadcast premiere of ‘The Cobblestone Corrider’ on CPTV,” said Carol Sisco, vice president and executive director of television programming and acquisitions for the CPTV networks. “It offers the kind of spine-tingling – but fun – mystery that we know our audiences enjoy, and features scenic locations some viewers might recognize, as it was filmed right here in Connecticut. Best of all, it allows us to showcase young local talents including Erik Bloomquist, who wrote, directed and stars in the film.”

“‘The Cobblestone Corridor’ is a tongue-in-cheek, loving homage to film noir. Playing with the genre’s language and iconic imagery ‒ and reimagining them for a contemporary setting and characters ‒ has been a thrill and a joy for the production team,” said Bloomquist. “Our movie is done with a knowing wink, but for the characters, everything is a very real case of life and death. We believe that their commitment to the truth of this world is what makes the film so fun and ultimately thought-provoking. I hope you’ll enjoy your time at Alfred Pierce Preparatory School.”