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Terra is about our connection to the earth, and our relationship with the people who nurture and sustain Connecticut's natural resources. It's about preserving and celebrating our agricultural heritage, and exploring the relevance of farm-to-family values in our 21st century world.

Terra is a first-of-its-kind content initiative designed to combine exploratory journalism as well as breaking news on Connecticut's diverse agri-based food system, from shoreline oyster beds to rich valley pastures, to mountaintop orchards. Terra will feature a multi-media team of journalists, producers and digital professionals who will explore the idea of food as a powerful unifier, in the state and in our world. The Terra team will produce multi-media content, across TV, radio, digital and event platforms, doubling the amount of farm-related news and content on CPBN platforms. This in turn, will deepen audiences' understanding of the value and promise of Connecticut's farms and preserve the Connecticut lifestyle.